Becoming better at selling one self

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  • bklyndroobeki1

    1) Listen to Podcasts. Listen to leaders in the field day and night. When you're on the train, when you're working, when you're making dinner (of course limit yourself, not all day long - or it'll go out the other ear), play one that's resonated with you more than once.

    I've been printing out Blog articles, difficult for me to read on retinas.

    2) Check out your local Toastmasters.

    3) Check out YouTube vids on Professional Development (that might not even be tech specific), Mike Montario, Roberto Blake, James Victore, these folks @D&AD

    you'll likely follow down a stream of great recommendations from here.

    4) Guaranteed, you do some of these things... you'll get even more excited about your work and it'll come naturally.

    Curious about what others think. Great thread.

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