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  • utopian0

    Cool is my two cent!

    • Make Youtube video without the black letterbox (Same Size)
    • Closing the video: click anywhere outside video, to close video
    • Keep menu icon navigation on all screens (Add Blog Icon)
    • Having the close button in upper right corner is a nuisance
    • You need more women to the advisors (Sausage Fest)

    • Thanks for the feedback. :-)

      Good tips on the video size and close. Will look into those.
    • Menus are consistent throughout. Blog won’t be added because it’s not important enough.karj
    • We’re working to reach out to more women, and some are joining up.karj
    • Tough part is that the advisor pool isn’t dictated by us. So, if you know women who’d like to be advisors, please encourage them to sign up. :-)karj

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