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  • karj1

    BTW: Thanks for all of you who provided feedback early on. We still have lots (and lots and lots) of work to do, but the input you and others provided have helped us make some positive changes.

    Initially, I thought the site’s function was obvious—so much so that I failed to properly explain it. Your comments here, changed how I looked at that. So, we threw a not-so-great, but more explanatory, homepage in place, which solved the problem.

    This week, we finally replaced that with both an improved homepage and a video that explain the service in a step-by-step fashion. Anyway, thought I’d show you what your feedback resulted in.

    Thanks again!

    • BTW: Safari support is still a problem. This is due to Safari not supporting WebRTC. (We’re building dedicated apps to get around this.)karj
    • Concise!
      I think everybody will get it, great explanation.
    • Thanks—glad to hear that!karj

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