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    I really like the idea. Are you focussing on any one theme, topic or category, or are you opening it up to just about anything? Right now, I kind of get the feeling it's more design and tech-themed.

    • Which is fine, but suppose someone wants to do, say, a traditional advertising creative chat?Continuity
    • Also, you've got times indicated for someone's next session, without indicating the time zone (e.g.: GMT, GMT +1, etc).Continuity
    • I started by reaching out to designers—just because a number of them are friends (and I thought it made sense to start with one specific profession).karj
    • That said, we do want it to be broader in nature. With time we’ll reach out to others with different expertise. :-)karj
    • The time zones are localized to each user’s location. That said, many are confused by this, so, we’re working to make this more clear.karj
    • BTW: Time zones are now better indicated (and can be adjusted manually if necessary).karj

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