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    Just one more post, and then I’ll go away for a bit. First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for the feedback and thoughts. :-)

    All of the points we didn’t know about are now logged in our issue tracking system (Bugherd).

    Meanwhile, we’ve opened up a new thread on Chapp where we’ll post about what we’re doing, and encourage folks to post support questions. Feel free to drop by and comment, if you have something you want us to know:

    I know there are a lot of bugs still with Officehours, but I think it can really be a good thing. When we started out, getting good advice was challenging. Our hope is that we can build a service that really helps people move forward with less friction/struggle.


    • you seem more interested in all the software / services / platforms you are using that the actual product. Bugherd / Chapp / Officehours... but seriouslyfadein11
    • never launch a product that doesn't work on a key browser. I hate Safari but I know so many people who use it.fadein11
    • We’d love to support Safari, and are working on it. The issue is that the underlying call handling operates using Twilio—which uses WebRTC.karj
    • Unfortunately, WebRTC isn’t yet supported by Safari. Given the trend, though, it’s reasonable to expect that Safari will catch up.karj
    • In the meanwhile, we’re building mobile apps, so that we can properly service iOS devices.karj
    • We’d love to have all of this working, right out of the gate, but that’s not possible. There are only two of us—and we just have to prioritize certain parts.karj
    • But—we certainly are working on it. :-)karj

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