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  • karj0

    The Safari issue is a bit of a nuisance. It relates to a bug in Twilio (which we're using to serve up the sessions) that’s occurring in a handful of instances.

    We’re working to fix the issue, but it’s a pesky one, as it lies in Twilio’s code base, not ours. That said, we didn’t want to hold off on launch due to just one browser.

    So, the service works—and is quite stable. That said, it might be another week, or so, before we can sort out the Safari bugs.

    • oh damnernexbcn
    • perhaps it would be a better idea to hide this warning on the sign up page?ernexbcn
    • Yeah—that’s a good idea. We’ll make that change. :-)karj
    • people use Safari?formed
    • That’s sort of how I felt. I knew it was an issue, but didn’t expect that so many were still on it.karj

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