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  • GeorgesII2

    it seems I'm the only one seeing like this,
    but I'm no economist so someone correct me,

    google created alphabet so it can separate the companies that make money (google) from other more experiment divisions from google (google X),

    so Now if one of their venture fails it doesn't afflict google's share. It also allows alpaj/google to release more experimental products and not have them compete with google and at the end if they fail, the share of google won't be affected,

    it seems like they really want to branch out and compared to samsung with has the name samsung but have 20 other divisions from car making, apartment building, food, weapon industry and electronics,

    I believe google is trying to do the same, have alphabet and setup google as the cash cow, while the other divisions can push innovations faster than they could under the brand name google,

    I'm genuinely curious, so before downvoting, please try to help me understand the point of making alphabet

    • https://en.wikipedia…pablo28
    • I've been following them for some times,
      this move of theirs seems logical seeing how many startup they bought…...
    • Alphabet will still trade as GOOG and GOOGLmonospaced
    • thanks mono, I kinda still don't understand,
      but why the name change
    • It's clear in the article and blog post. Essentially, Google has way more ventures beyond the "Google" brand, so they broke them off.monospaced
    • And put them all back together (as they already are really) under Alphabet. Probably a hassle to change stock ticker symbol, I'm guessing.monospaced
    • My prediction is that we'll hardly ever hear about Alphabet, and when we do, probably not in relation to Google at all. We'll just hear about their projects.monospaced
    • I beg to differe, alphabet seems to be exactly what google needed, google is seating on some crazy tech and unlike their competitor, they don't seem to fearGeorgesII
    • releasing crapGeorgesII
    • maybe the people they hire not so good even with the high end degrees.yurimon
    • I can't even fathom how you could come to that assumption yurimonospaced

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