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  • GeorgesII-1

    holly shit, they really plan on total market domination.

    I predict A.I and robotics will be their first foray

    • it's just a reshuffling of existing forays under a new umbrella name...we both know robotics and A.i are already big with them.monospaced
    • ^ yupmoldero
    • yep, but this reshuffling is done so that google can keep on looking good to investors but now they alpha can release project that can fail without affectingGeorgesII
    • google's numbers. I do not believe googl did this just to save money, I think they want to go full samsung (chaebol structure like) time will tellGeorgesII
    • I see what you're saying. With Google (its own section) the most public and everything else kinda behind the scenes. Even before, they were already going there.monospaced

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