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    The whole point of a brand list or brand board (grid with logos) is to show which brands/clients you've done work for, irrespective of whether you worked for them directly or did it through an agency with a whole bunch of other people on the same project. Nothing more.

    The best strategy is to show your case studies/portfolio pieces individually (in the Portfolio section of your site), listing not just you in the credits, but also the agency for which you did the work. For example, I do this on my own portfolio site:

    Role: Senior Art Director ( <- your role in the project)
    Agency: SCDP ( <- the agency for whom you did the work)
    Client: Coca-Cola Deutschland GmbH ( <- especially good if the client is a holding or umbrella company)
    Brand: Sprite ( <- does what it says on the tin)

    A list of brands and clients, or a logo grid (however you want to present it) can go on your About Me page without any agency credit whatsoever. It's really just an extension of your CV that says, 'Over the course of my career, I've done work for these brands).

    This way, you sort the matter of crediting the agency, without sacrificing the obvious benefits of telling prospective employers or clients what kind of big brand experience you've personally got. No lying, or even truth bending required.

    • and the point of showing large brand logos doesn't have anything to do with borrowing their credibility? I think first and foremost that is the reason.deathboy
    • Not at all. It's not borrowing credibility if you actually did work on them. That's credibility acquired on your own, especially if the work was good.Continuity
    • If you worked for (shit-hot agency name here), and you listed that on your CV, would you say it's borrowed credibility? Nope. Same principle with brand logos.Continuity

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