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  • cannonball19781

    Perhaps it is not general incompetence but your swelling feeling of entitlement?

    Remind yourself you are entitled to nothing as everything (including you) is temporary.

    I am entitled to these things, because I paid for them, and I am entitled to expect quality. The notion that nobody is allowed to expect quality is ludicrous, especially seeing that we live in a world where there are very few checks against incompetence.

    Omaha, I'm sure you have a very different picture than the actual world I live in. I hire a dog walker because I work late into the night, often too late for me to actually cook for myself or shop for clothes from an actual store like a normal person. I really do wish I could walk him myself more but I don't work from home as much as I'd like to, and I feel very guilty about it. Should I not hope for the best substitute for my love for the little guy?

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