NHL 2015 Playoffs

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  • Jaline0

    Aw, that sucks. Sens lost.

    If the Habs are relying on goalie Carey Price to get them to the very end, they're going to fail. It has to be the whole team. The schedule is so grueling.

    Can't believe the Sens were not shut out for the entire season except in the very last playoff game. That's AMAZING.

    I hope they can make it all the way next year. The team had a miracle run, and they can keep it going.

    • well, the sens goal was good, it shouldn't have been a shut out .. bad call by the refselektro
    • Sens showed a lot of grit and determination, should have been a goal, but i'm so happy they're out, I think this series will help the habs win it all_niko
    • sens left in the first round as expected.rosem
    • The goal was not good. Clearly after the ref whistle. Sens played very well and gave a hard time to the Habs.Ben99

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