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  • georgesIII1

    • Well, which one did he look like then? Because the three people on the left all look completely differentHorp
    • In fact the only way you can draw any superficial likeness is by pitching them as a generalised mass against a similar generalised mass of white people.Horp
    • racist against people in the region who look like this..https://s-medi...yurimon
    • that region has always been diverse because of historic trade routes. even Malcolm x had his enlightenment to diversity during his trip to mecayurimon
    • this is a merican troll thang.yurimon
    • blue eyed Persians are not amused
    • i wish i could have met Jesus H. Osama Bin Obamascarabin
    • Assuming that Jesus did exist, the first comparison shall be true... The two others are totally irrelevant. No one pretend that Jesus is a catholic priest or W.gonzalle
    • yuri as always is full of logic.utopian
    • He did exist, for sure, many historical records. The trouble people have is deciding if he was the Messiah, a prophet, or just a man.robthelad

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