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  • detritus-11

    If we're keeping the post-voting mechanic across the board, perhaps go the hacker News route and restrict negative downvoting either for a duration or on a ratio basis.

    It's downright negative seeing posts getting downvoted for no apparent reason.


    Although, I guess, quite interesting seeing correlations across threads and building up an idea of what sort of limp dick tragedy of a human being feels the need to downvote everything they see posted by people they've got an issue with.

    • haha, you flaccid cretinsdetritus
    • Yea it was better when it was just in the question threads. I agree it causes some negativity.set
    • 'Crack is destroying the ghetto'ORAZAL
    • I think at the least it should only be visible when viewing the thread by "votes". Should be hidden on "oldest" and "newest"set
    • I don't like this voting thing on QBN.inteliboy

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