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  • Miguex0

    yeah, I don't know if superdry's stuff will work in the mountain conditions. If you are only going for "looks" then this might do the trick, but if you are going to spend that much on a jacket you might as well spend it on one that actually works. Meaning is waterproof, has snow skirt, adjustable wrists (so you can strap them over gloves), mesh ventilation areas for spring riding, and perhaps modular parts for different conditions.

    That being said,
    I've been looking at holden for a few jackets, they are more sober style than analog, burton, thirtytwo, volcom, etc. They have great stuff!


    • I mean... technically a jacket is a jacket, but riding made, had some mnt. specific features that could come handyMiguex
    • I've rode wearing, hoodies and regular wind breakers before.. you don't really NEED super tech shitMiguex
    • Miguex, thank you for your insight. much appreciated.cbass99

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