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  • mg330

    Superdry isn't known (at least to me) as making quality functional outerwear. The specs for that jacket don't include details like weather and wind proofing that you'll find on dedicated snow gear. Look at the specs for something like Burton's AK Cyclic jacket. I wear this one and absolutely love it. Gore Tex is where it's at for staying dry, and though there are plenty of non Gore Tex jackets that will repel water, I wouldn't go back after having a full Gore Tex setup these days.…

    • mg33, thank you. great advice. I appreciate this.cbass99
    • Great points mg33. I was looking for the down power. I have 600 and 700 jackets and when its -30 in Chicago I'm still cold.kona
    • Kona - I've been wearing this this winter as my daily jacket. http://www.fjallrave…mg33
    • You're welcome cbass99!mg33
    • oh that's nice! I have a Jack Wolfskin that's great but not on the super cold days.kona

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