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    I'm still working on it in my spare time. I keep building, nukeing and rebuilding. I also question whether people will use it. I've stramlines a few things. Hopefully I can get it launched in the next few months. It's nothing new, just a job board for the film industry, mainly low/Indy jobs. I work in the industrty often (people find me) but the resources out there to find jobs are shit, so I thought I would make one and get custom ads from industry vendors. Anyways that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    On a side note, Ive been playing with meteor and angular, now I want to start over.

    • dont worry about what you are using - just get it up there - WP is fine for job boards - loads of options for that.fadein11
    • I think it will be used. I hope you publish it soon.bklyndroobeki
    • yup, good luck, keep us posted!!moldero

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