Paris Hebdo attack

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  • georgesIII0

    what a fucker, we know full well and don't need to be repeated ad nauseum, if you don't like the west, just move out!!! respect our troops

    I can't believe someone like him can enjoy the freedom and the peace our veterans heroes have fought for in ww1,

    yet write falsities like this:

    "For the last decade and a half the United States, backed to varying degrees by the governments of other Western countries, has rained violence and destruction on the Arab and Muslim world with a ferocity that has few parallels in the history of modern warfare.

    It was not pencils and pens – let alone ideas – that left Iraq, Gaza and Afghanistan shattered and hundreds of thousands of human beings dead. Not twelve. Hundreds of thousands. All with stories, with lives, with families. Tens of millions who have lost friends, family, homes and watched their country be torn apart."

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