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    JQuery, etc., and this so called HTML5 stuff had promise, but it's been years and we are still not at the design possibilities of Flash was 12+ years ago.
    This "standards mindset" has led to a barrage of generic websites, which has further been perpetuated with WordPress.

    For high end, design driven sites (a la "custom", NOT standard/generic), Flash was king and has yet to be surpassed. There are some great examples out there, dont get me wrong, but the cost to develop those are insane and stability/flexibility is far from what a single player had.

    Adobe probably contributed to it, but Jobs killed it and guaranteed Apple a very profitable market in their app store. There's no other reason why he'd make such a stance. It was business smart and helped Apple to dominate the "app" world and market place.

    • Fact remains that ALL other phones supported flash besides the iPhone. You can't say one phone killed itmonospaced

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