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    Not trying to sound smart alec, but if you are that dissatisfied with it, you could perhaps uninstall it, or change the auto update settings to 'never update' on install?

    I agree. It drives me fucking insane. But what drives me insane at the moment with it, is it crashes Chrome as per:…

    To fix this issue, i posted a reply:

    Here is how to fix this ^ problem (if you experience it):

    Chrome runs its own version of flash, what fixed it for me was navigating to:

    In chrome, expanding 'details' (top right) and searching for Flash, the one listed under:

    Disable this.

    I then uninstalled Flash player (need to download the uninstaller from Adobe) from my computer, and re-installed latest Flash player from Adobe like normal onto my computer.

    Then I revisited the

    And ensured the only Flash player that was enabled was the version I just installed (on my windows machine) and not the Chrome installed one (which lives in the Chrome folder structures)

    Restarted Chrome, no more crashes :)

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