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  • kingkong0

    haha back from the building.

    Sorry I forgot I posted this, I was drunk when I did :)

    Basically i'm asking for my mrs, she's a food writer, reviewer and teacher and she wants to start a blog/channel to support the 2/3 food books she's writing.

    Going to produce Vines/Instagram videos for each recipe in the kitchen at home, and upload to the site I'm building to support the enterprise.

    Great advice from everyone. I'm going to get a couple of gopros and a few cool claps and hook them up to the celling etc.

    Simple lighting set up like the one from amazon, use aftereffects and publish using Instagram or Vine.

    Feels like it will be trial and error but I recon GoPro is the first place to start...

    love the glass thing too.

    Then I can use it for my gay porn sessions also.

    • Cookery show on vine? 6 secs? Might as well shoot it on an iphone!HAYZ1LLLA
    • 30 secondskingkong

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