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  • CygnusZero40

    I originally set it up with tables, and there was issues with fonts being different sizes in places, some table layout issues.

    For some reason in my Outlook 2013 Ill get everything looking perfect, then send an email test so someone else in O2013 and all of the fonts are smaller, layout issues. I dont get it so I just switched it to an image and put a link on the whole thing.

    • fonts different sizes? thought it was a big image. it is a skill doing tables correctly as any old web person knows.fadein11
    • that wasn't meant to sound shitty - there are various things you have to get right and it took time to learn to do it correctly is what i was sayingfadein11
    • was saying... seems weird I used to spend all my time doing it then compared to how things are done nowfadein11
    • I was suggesting chopping the image up into smaller images (as few as possible) and have your clickable area in a cell by itself.fadein11

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