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  • vaxorcist0

    This folio looks great if the intended audience is another designer.

    If your intended audience is a CD, maybe

    If your intended audience is a hiring exec, not a creative, you may want to:

    1. Brand yourself, i.e. put YOUR OWN LOGO somewhere on every page, otherwise they don't remember you, as most creative work may look "almost the same" to them (not you, but to them)

    2. Explain, in text what role you had, who the client was, what supposedly amazing award or business result occurred due to this work

    3. have a bit of a narrative, somewhere to "hook the story" when they try to say something about you to other execs, they love to say things like "this guy is the one for us, he was the main guy behind that AMEX campaign that got so many new signups per month" or whatever...

    just remember, visual selling to non-visual people may require more story, more info and more selling yourself than most designers like to do, as we think our work speaks for itself.

    Otherwise, nice work, I might group it a bit differently, but my thoughts are said above, and yes, it's very slick. Congrats.

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