Zurich next week

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    Thanks for the tips uan. I really appreciate it. What an amazing city Zurich is! By far the cleanest place I've been to. It's definitely expensive, but for a good reason - everything is pure quality. Every little thing in this city is well designed and thought out. Even the redlight district, Longstrasse, is pretty tame at night compared to most places.

    I went to check out the Weingart Typography and The Underground exhibitions at the Museum für Gestaltung today. I loved it! I'll have to do some reading on Weingart when I get home. He seems like an interesting cat.

    The Viadukt, Freitag Flagship store and Frau Gerolds Garten were all super cool as well! I barely restained myself from buying a $400 Freitag bag. They are so damn nice!

    Now I see why Zurich is constantly ranked as one of the best places to live. I'd move here in a second! :)

    • if you're richGeorgesIV
    • glad you enjoyed it!
      Next, come visit the capital ;-)

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