Zurich next week

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    I'm not going to the Frontend Conference this year, but went 2 years ago. They organize BBQs and parties in the evenings, so I would recommend joining them. There were a bunch of Zürich Google Guys at the parties, and it was good fun.

    the museum für gestaltung is worth a visit:
    also the kunsthaus as you have planned:

    some other places also worth visiting:

    lots of nice design shops and restaurants / bars build under the arches of a railway bridge.

    at one end of the viadukt near the train station you will find Frau Gerolds Garten, take a beer and browse the shops there, it's also a very relaxed place with good vibes.


    you will also be near the Freitag Flagship Store, worth climbing the containers for a good view.

    around that shop there are some cool shops (vintage stuff) and bars worth visiting.
    also you will be in proximity of the Toni Areal, the new building of the Zurich University of the Arts. I don't think it's open yet, but seeing it from outside is a pretty impressive view.

    the big greenish blueish tower you will see from there is the prime tower, switzerland's highest building (and one of the few skyscrapers here).

    that's for the west of town.

    for the old town, you can start by the Bahnhofstrasse from the main train station by foot, and cross the Limmat (river) at the http://www.urania-sternwarte.ch/… to the left to go in direction Niederdorf.
    check out the http://www.cabaretvoltaire.ch/ where dada started if you are around there.
    Lots of nice small shops and restaurants there.

    If you like premium beef, try dieter meier's restaurant (the guy from Yello) http://www.ojodeagua.ch/en/weink… (you might want to make a reservation, it's a tiny place)

    other places worth visiting that come to mind:
    Architecture by Calatrava:
    the Library at the Institute of Law (new building by Calatrava inside old building)


    Bahnhof Stadelhofen in Zürich

    for partys and clubs...there's a lot to do there, I hear the http://www.hiveclub.ch/ is where the cool kids hang out.
    there is also lots of high end clubs, but I don't really know them.
    if you land near the langstrasse (redlight district) take good care of yourself and your money, don't drink to much;-)

    for transportation, you can get a bike for free if you take it back the same day, near the station (20.- custody or for 10.- if you keep it till next day)
    there is 1 station just by the train station near the landesmuseum.

    if you prefer public transports, take the 24hours ticket at the vending machines (will be hard to find, because the GUI is an embarrassing mess), but they exist, ask a local for assistance ;-)

    and if you need a good place with free internet to work a bit, check out Sphères http://www.spheres.cc/ (it's also in the west part of the city), friendly ppl there, good coffee and cake!

    have a nice trip:)

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