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    Don't turn off the site. Unless you have really clear, solid legal language in your contract anyway.

    You could be sued for causing damage to their business. It could get really ugly. I've had long conversations (EXPENSIVE conversations!) with my lawyer about this and am re-writing my contract because of this.

    Doesn't matter that they owe you money, if you kill the site, or worse, put up language like "please encourage this person to pay their bills" it could cause irrevocable harm to their reputation, lost time/wages, etc. Seems silly, but when you think about it makes sense.

    At the very least, seek legal advice before doing something drastic.

    • yeah, because not getting paid doesn't harm the designer whatsoever :(monospaced
    • no harm, no lost wages or even reputation problems for a design firm, not at all :(monospaced
    • I am just talking legalities, not ethics. As always, talk to your own lawyer. This is what I was told by mine and my research confirmed it.formed
    • confirmed it from many sources. Sue them for whatever you want, but leave it up to the judge to determine damages.formed
    • I think it sucks and that's why I am rewriting my contracts to cover this.formed
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