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    As everyone has already said, this will be a learning experience.

    My advice is to document everything in one clear email. Completely ignore the "got advice..." bs, that's just him talking out his ass and irrelevant.

    Keep bugging him, professionally, send invoices all the time. I've had a few clients take a year to pay, but patience and professional courtesy (even if they don't deserve it) generally are a better path that combative language, unless you are prepared to go to court, which for $1k and no clear contract/change order wouldn't be worth it, imho (even if you win, he can just not pay, then you have to go back again, etc., etc).

    Signed change orders are key, or at least a very, very clear email stating the amount and their direct approval for that fee. This sounds like you mentioned extra time, maybe extra cost, but never direct amounts approved, so he could argue that it just wasn't clear. I tell clients all the time that things are taking longer than quoted, but I don't charge them more.

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