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  • whitewolf0

    Are you freelance? Contractor?

    "unpaid invoices" can be submitted as a write-off.

    And in some cases it raises awareness to tax authorities to look into the client's tax behavior--if they are not paying clients the full amount due, chances are they just as shady with their taxes.

    Could be a nice way to still get your $$ due in a round about way, while feeding the client to the wolves....

    • This is a belter! I am just looking to see if this is the case in the UK
    • Excellent you can in the UK. Thanks for this I had no idea this was available.
    • unpaid invoices as a write off!!! are you serious?ohhhhhsnap
    • The tax from those invoices can be claimed back. So for a cash flow perspective its goodchossy
    • Wow, that's something I didn't know either. Hopefully I'll never have the need to use that, but it's certainly good to know about.Wolfboy

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