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  • PonyBoy0

    Unfortunately you're kinda screwed... $1k is such an itty-bitty amount (and I'm willing to bet you probably did about $5k or more work... ask a REAL Design Co. CEO and he/she will probably tell you that) :)

    I know here in the States you can take him to small claims court as you have the email trail... and you'd more than likely win based on that info and the completed work (it's live and online... you've got proof that you've done your job). The harassing texts ect wouldn't mean shit to a judge... over here in the states you'd be told to 'suck it up' and get reprimanded for entering a deal w/only a verbal contract (as noted at the beginning of the thread).

    My advice... Learn from this one and move on, my friend. :) It's a tiny amount of money and you'll forget about this clown in time.

    • yupmoldero
    • Yup... Should have known better, definitely a learning experience.isakosmo

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