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    I hate how the interwebs is treating her. Sure, there are a lot of opinions you can have about her but everyone who is shouting "kill her, kill her, kill her with lions" is just a dumb fuck living in a world from yesteryear - I'd recommend moving to some islamic 3rd world country and practice Sharia!

    "Democracy and freedom? Cool, but please only with MY opinion and MY point of view. If not, then it's shit." -internetz

    • are you ok with killing lions and elephants? I don't see that as a freedom one would desireernexbcn
    • Free speech, including the freedom to insult someone, is part of freedom and democracy too.ukit2
    • Sorry, no. Killing her with lions is fine in my book. Being anti-violent death doesn't make you more of an adult.cannonball1978

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