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  • mg330

    I hate to be the resident Tycho knowledge base / super fan, but sounds like he's only doing music now, and has been for at least the last year. He's been interviewed a bunch lately and doesn't do freelance design work anymore. Spent six solid months on the album, but altogether 8 - 9 months from what I read. Of course he also does all the artwork, posters, and the live visuals which has come a long way just as the music has.

    Saw the band a couple years ago in Chicago after previously seeing him do solo shows or dj gigs in Chicago. The live band setup suits it well and I think it will be awesome for the new album. Their drummer, Rory O'Connor, is a complete badass. Some of the best live drumming with mostly electronic music I've seen. He also does his own music as Nightmoves - http://blog.iso50.com/27655/excl…

    • In other words, we ALL wish we had his life... everything he does is wonderful.mg33

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