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    Well Eskema, i'm glad you asked.
    Science, in particularly THEORETICAL physics in recent years have INVENTED dark matter, dark energy, alternate universes to explain and support it's current theories and experiments. In doing so, the mass of the universe (a universal constant) is being increased and revised regularly to account for the fluctuating energy values. YET however unlikely or theoretical a multiverse (for example) is, alternative and non-materialistic theories and proposals are routinely rejected even though irrefutable evidence exists.

    • dark matter, dark energy etc are just other words for magic. Basically they have no fucking idea.set
    • Yep.Morning_star
    • you sound stupid, they didn't invent it, they theorize that it should exist, if they find proof of otherwise, I'm sure they'llESKEMA
    • move on, they won't be stuck on it.ESKEMA
    • what irrefutable evidences are those?ESKEMA
    • Hah. Invented.
      No, still theory. Working theory.
      And what was that about being back on earth, now again? ;)

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