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    Science cannot explain 95% of the universe(s) yet, because science doesn't pretend to know. If it doesn't know, it won't invent some bullshit either.

    Science is the opposite of close minded, science is open to change it's mind at any given moment. A good recent example is the change of Pluto to a minor-planet. It was a planet since forever, I learned it was a planet in school, but with recent discoveries telling otherwise, the scientific community changed it's mind.

    What do you have to say about that Morning_star?

    • Obviously you live in a test tube of ideology and not the real world. science politicsyurimon
    • and militarization of science will solve our problems.yurimon
    • that is such a crap example - a minor object in our solar system thats clasification has no impact on anything.fadein11
    • that means that science isn't written in stone, it changes based on facts and discoveries.ESKEMA
    • lol - trust me it takes a lot for new ideas to be accepted or to replace old ones - read more sicence books.fadein11

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