Wordpress freelancers available?

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    this is the extent of the site:
    Services (bullet points)
    About Us (one paragraph and 2 bios/headshots)
    Our Clients (logos)
    Blog (latest entries shown, then links to blog page)
    Contact Us (form)

    you probably get why I'm looking for a theme design to carry the site; there's not a lot of content to begin with.

    I'm basically looking for someone who can setup and hand off the files. But I don't know what to look for in terms of modifying limitations. After reading some user comments in Themeforest, some themes seem to be really locked down vs flexible.

    I probably can spend $500 on this. Is this doable or laughable for what I've described so far?

    • sounds v.straightforward and that price is fine from a theme.fadein11

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