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    so.. i have no content in my itunes library because i've been an rdio user for quite some time. after updating to ios7 i wanted to check out itunes radio.. but it won't let me into the application without first adding some content via itunes. Any idea how to bypass this step and just use the radio function?

    • You don't need content, you just need to sign in.monospaced
    • Which lets you sync your stations to your ID and access them anywhere.monospaced
    • i seem to be signed in... but still it says "no content, you can download music from the itunes store"bogue
    • You have to have the newest verstion of iTunes (11?) and you just click on the Radio button.monospaced
    • You should see their preset/featured "stations" and the option to + add your own below.monospaced
    • sorry.. should have been more clear.. I meant on my iphone.. not desktop.bogue

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