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  • mg330

    I was just there. If you want to get laid or try to, the Standard hotel downtown was FILLED with hot girls. We stayed there from Tuesday - Saturday. Rooftop pool and bar is really nice.

    We rented a car and people are right: have a car out there. Don't mess with public transportation as a tourist. It didn't seem as easy to figure out as something like Chicago ( where I live) or NYC.

    It also didn't seem as spread out as people make it seem like it is when you get down to popular areas like downtown, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Hollywood. We drove to Venice and Santa Monica, took the highways obviously and it maybe took an hour to get there on a Friday afternoon and less time getting back in the evening.

    Things do feel spread out when it comes to shopping and bars. Never felt like there was a "main strip" in areas like Silver Lake and Echo Park which are just outside downtown. Felt like we were in and out of the car a lot.

    I'd love to go back and do outdoor stuff well outside the city. Joshua Tree, Sierras. We did drive from LA to SF and spent time in Big Sur, which was really great. But that's not a day trip really.

    • Thanks, one my clients lives and works in Santa Monica. I might even stay in Venice?utopian
    • I think SM would be nice to stay in. Right down the road from Venice. Do you skate, btw? >mg33
    • Venice skatepark is free and awesome.mg33
    • Don't skate but would love to shoot some pics.utopian
    • "If you want to get laid or try to" --- never read that in a tour guide before :-)SimonFFM

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