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  • AVAVA0

    Just for the record, in my view this design group is brilliant.

    However, just purely from an aesthetic view, this looks ugly. Sure, that's subjective etc, but come on it's ugly.

    A little bit lazy possibly. Using the first letter of the name to lead the charge?

    The 'responsive' concept behind this, ok, I can run with that, as long as it's not referring to the red herring that is responsive web design.
    No doubt the execution could have saved this though.

    Shoot me down, but I have to say, hype is amazing.

    From a fine design group indeed, but this project is really not very worthy of such attention. But, as it is with some other established and notable design groups, it doesn't surprise me the sheep give it lots of attention even though the end product is lacking.

    I'm adding to the attention - for which I apologize.

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