Paris Roubaix

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  • sine0

    as a casual cycling fan, this event has always been fascinating to me. such a tough road-race, but amazing to watch. i don't follow cyclists or teams and don't really know much. i pick up what's going on in the cycling world from listening to the commentators and reading newspapers when the events i watch are one.

    anyway, i might go find a coffee shop tomorrow with satellite tv and ask them to switch to this live.

    • Mate, you're in ZA; the best you can hope for is the rugby on a café telly! ;)Continuity
    • no. on satellite here there's 8 sports channels. they've promoted a live stream of this event, but i don't have satellite at home.sine
    • at home. some bike shops have been promoting events to come to their venue and watch (and drink beer) :)sine
    • The point I was trying to make was that you folks only seem interested in the rugby. :P That is, that's the impression I always got from my psycho ZA ex-.Continuity
    • ... got from my psycho ZA ex-.Continuity
    • rugby is big. i'm oldschool. "stereotypically" speaking i'm a test cricket fan. (google that).sine
    • i'll watch 'big" rugby games, but also a very casual fan.sine
    • where's your ex from in SA? you meet her in the UK? the ammount of SAs in England is ridiculous.sine
    • She was from Stellenbosch, and I met her in Amsterdam. Lots of SA expats there, too.Continuity
    • they've got SA shops there... almost like mini ChinaTowns.sine
    • Stellenbosch, Afrikaans girl, definitely = rugby, most likely. :psine
    • Yeah. I can think of one in my old neighbourhood (de Pijp), another in Leidsestraat, etc.Continuity
    • Yeah, that's her. Tough bird, and utterly psychotic. She had issues. ¬_¬Continuity

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