Transfer sets in Font Explorer X Pro (Mac)?

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  • mantrakid0

    Thats what i was getting at tho - you're using some kinda export thing to get the sets, but why not just copy the actual Application support folder which is 100% the database from the old computer, then it should just report missing fonts since it wasnt exported 'correctly' and then you can just do the search / replace on the font source folder (in Conflicts as above) and get the fonts connected up.

    • chances are when you do the export / import its bringing the sets but it's 'smart' enough to not bring over the missing fontsmantrakid
    • so if you 'hack' it basically by forcing it to think you have all the fonts, but then not find them, you can fix themantrakid
    • issue of the missing fonts easily using my post from above.mantrakid

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