Transfer sets in Font Explorer X Pro (Mac)?

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  • mantrakid0

    Ok i figured itout, and it's all within FEPro.

    1. Right Click on a missing font. Just to follow along, do it from your "All Fonts" view.

    2. Choose "Go To Conflicts"

    3. In Conflicts, go to the bottom and choose from the dropdown "Fonts LIsted in FE XPro but deleted in Finder" and then hit Scan.

    4. It will detect conflicts and All your fonts will show up in the top listing. Click in there and Command A to select all.

    5. Once they're all selected, use the 2 fields at the bottom now:

    a. Replace path component: type Users/oldusername/
    b. in all selected fonts with: type User/newusername/

    6. Click Apply.

    7. Listen to your hard drive.

    8. Come back to QBN and thank me

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