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    I've read that the city size is *tiny* - that being one of the things a Beta tester wondered aloud as being a DLC extra.

    If so - sure, it might only be an extra $5 - but SimCity's a slightly mature-oriented game, and that being the case I'd rather be treated like the 36 year old I am and buy a complete package from the off, even if it costs a bit extra.

    I'll be fucked if I'm going to have a consumer-hating company try and gamify its rip-off process and carrot-dangle game aspects its arbitratily sliced off in order to improve its bottom line.


    Fact is, as all moves in the industry indicate, particularly in regard to the rise of Independents - if you treat your customers respectfully and don't presume them to be criminals, they'll probably spend more money with you.


    Christ, a 36 year old whinging about computer games on an internet forum. Je suis doomed.

    • isn't that because this one has more micro-management? (city size)ernexbcn
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    • Perhaps, I don't know. I wasn't a beta tester, so I've not been hands on.detritus
    • I guess since you play the entire region (16 cities) they limitied them to "medium"monospaced

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