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    EA know they have something good with this version that nobody can really compete with. Their target market don't care about paying for DLC or always on DRM they just want to play the new Simcity for hours. If it turns some people off they don't care because they keep the core and the casual gamer who doesn't care and still have a cash cow.

    • Exactly. Like me, I will play for hours and probably never even notice the DRM/DLC issue.monospaced
    • There are some DRMs that you do notice and they dont work. games for marketplace for example.plash
    • I don't follow. What's this marketplace? What DRMs do I notice?monospaced
    • games for marketplace is MS's DRM app. and it's notorious for not working correctly .. so whenplash
    • you buy your game..batman arkham city for example// you have to sift through message boards b/cplash
    • you can't authenticate with MS live since it doesn't recognize you're account.plash
    • I have a Mac, so don't know anything about MS's store.monospaced
    • you're better off pirating since that copy works without issues.plash
    • mac version uses games for marketplace too. it's not a platform issue.plash
    • pirating what? what are you on about?monospaced
    • SimCity isn't a Microsoft product and it isn't using their marketplace, and I sure as fuck don't notice it.monospaced
    • ok, you're just not following.plash
    • I'm not following because I'M talking about SimCity and your'e talking about MS and Batman or something.monospaced
    • the topic of this side was DRM ..plash
    • Jesus mono, do try and keep up old boy.detritus
    • I'm keeping up fine, but the comments about his problems with MS DRM is irrelevant.monospaced
    • Well you just might not be all the well informed about DRM. Dont take it harsh, there's no need for retort.plash
    • I'm fully aware, i just think we got sidetracked talking about an issue that doesn't exactly relate to thismonospaced
    • so i made this comment under the assumption that it wasn't a complete fucking disaster like it has become.lodef

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