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    Glass Box has been in development for years, i can remember even as far back as 07, Maxis teasing us with rudimentary screens and tech demos. and from what i understand, Glass Box is both a render engine and simulation environment. With the SimCity franchise approaching the quarter century old mark, It was about time Maxis decided to refresh the series. a much needed revamp of the world’s best known city builder.

    Yet i can't shake the feeling that EA is up to something sinister. We've seen them do with other Maxis titles of the past. They personally fucked up Spore, winch turned a genius idea into a off the self straight to trash title. EA scaled Spore down a year into it's development and the title held a strict 10 install DRM which had to be patched soon after its release. The Sims (another Maxis title) became a shopping cart for DLCs which was responsible for a couple class actions. To top that list, the Origin Software held a Big Brother approach to your actions. Including looking into your browser histories, software installs and monitoring system activity. all that so that they can "improve their software and market data." Since Origin's release that activity has been scaled down to just Origin and EA products.

    DRM is a mixed issue at best. more times than it should DRM punishes the wrong party. ( cita: Batman Arkham City) With the new Simcity title, which is scheduled to release something this month, holds a Origin activation requirement and always on internet connection.

    I've been excited about this title for a while; Hopefully EA doesn't make me sorry.

    Understanding the SimCity Always-on Internet Controversy From Both Sides…

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