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  • detritus0

    I was really interested in this 'til I read about the DRM/permanent-internet connection requirement, and that a lot of the Beta testers are stating that they think that certain core features are being held back so they can be sold on as additional DLC.

    EA truly know how to fuck over their consumers, so fuck 'em.

    A shame.

    • Also, it's a fucking single-player game - stop trying to make everything multiplayer, you money-wringing cunts.detritus
    • fuck micro transactions and DLC, those things are ruining iternexbcn
    • I'm pretty sure you can still play the game out of the box without any DLC.monospaced
    • No shit? I'm definitely sure that's not what I implied.detritus
    • I gathered that was your implication when you said they would ruin it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.monospaced
    • I just meant that you don't HAVE to purchase DLC or any of that to play.monospaced
    • If developers lowered the price of games a bit, the micro-payments would be easier to swallow.ETM
    • Somebody should do that experiment with a larger game and see if it results in more DLC purchases and greater total income.ETM
    • total income.ETM

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