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  • rainman0

    So, it's a very busy area? What's there that draws so many people?

    My wife and I are into three things. We love trying out really good, cool restaurants. We like shopping but more into boutique shops. Love walking streets full of small shops. And, obviously we love to hit landmarks... look at the awesome architecture. We *may* hit some museums but not as interested.

    • it's the centre of town. lots of tourists, office workers and youth drinking and making noise. and buses and taxis and traffic in general.hans_glib
    • if you want to be in that part of town try Brown's in Albemarle Street. Much quieter, close to Ritz, Dover St market a stone's throw for your boutiquenesshans_glib
    • throw for your boutiqueness, Bond Street another stone's throw for your blingnesshans_glib

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