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  • antagonista0

    They are starting to slip already - sooner than I expected. Maps was just the beginning. I'm glad Forstall is gone.

    It's sad. I endured the crap that was apple during the 90's, so it's not hard to remember paying twice as much for a computer that basically sucked. It won't reach "suck" all that soon, but the glory days are definitely over.

    I miss Jobs.

    • let's face it, apple becoming stale in the eyes of many will be a humongous change allready. even if most of it was clever marketingWeyland
    • ... clever marketing to begin withWeyland
    • I don't buy it was clever mkt, it was good products.antagonista
    • if the clever marketing was true we all would have apple TVs. stop believing that nonsenseernexbcn
    • Apple has had great products and denying that fact is being dishonesternexbcn
    • I said 'stale' for lack of innovation, products are fine, I own some ;)Weyland

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