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    I don't I'd cite that whiny ego-wank attempt at creative writing as an indication that apple is done, personally, though I do think he managed (just about) to articulate some of the general feelings people have about the brand.

    It had definitely become deeply uncool now. Ubiquity can never be edgy and alt. I bet there's more money it though.

    • can you say of that again please - its 85% nonsensefadein11
    • My jesus farting god can no one type proper English?set
    • fucking hell, i need an aspirine.i_was
    • Ironic that two of the most incoherent QBNers are having a go at mere typos from one of the most coherentdetritus
    • HAHAHA, I was typing one fingered on a cackberry crushed into the corner of a train carriage.Horp
    • Detritus, you made me blush and I think I love you.Horp
    • haha detritisi_was
    • this is written in perfect english and I understand it, as should everyone elsemonospaced
    • lol oh give it a rest detritus you jumped up little cock end. It was banter.set
    • Set, I take it you failed to notice I said 'two' not 'three'. Fuck off with the chip on your shoulder, 'cock end'detritus
    • 'jumped up' indeed - it's you that constantly assumes I'm sniping at you - you're not that important to me, reallydetritus
    • I mean ffs dude - yours was the only coherent response out of the three - DO YOU NOT FUCKING GET IT?detritus
    • Sorry. Was angry.
      Dropped you an email.
    • Love youset

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