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    I just heard about that iMac HD problem yesterday from our IT guy. Has Apple released any line of product in the last 7 years that doesn't have serious hardware problems that only become apparent after launch?

    • Apple doesn't make HDsmonospaced
    • <No but they used faulty seagate HDs in most of the late 2011 iMacs. And now they have to call them all back.Al_dizzle
    • Are you saying Apple purposefully put bad HDs so that they'd have to recall them later?monospaced
    • Yeah idiot statement.ArmandoEstrada
    • Seriously. And I have several Macs that lasted more than 7 years each, none with ANY hardware problems.monospaced
    • Nobody implied that they did it on purpose. That doesn't negate the fact that the shit happened.Al_dizzle
    • are you implying that a under major callback like this, they should have zero accountability?Al_dizzle
    • absolutely not! just saying that Apple doesn't make shitty products on purpose, as was implied by i_monkmonospaced

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