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    argh... Looking back on some cursed gigs from the past...

    1. Does it seem most were due to decision/communication process.... i.e. not confronting a minor issue early on that later bites you in the butt?

    2.Unpredictable Dependencies... whenever you have to depend on an IT department, link to another software package, or hookup to a payment system, it seems the odds of random shit multiply...

    3. Nobody seems to have read "The Mythical Man Month" ... a project management book written in the 70's about the idea that adding more people to a late project will make it even later... and the "second system effect" where the second system a designer designs will often be full of random extra stuff because they put in all the stuff they had to cut out of the first system....ā€¦

    • This book is a collection of essays about software engineering... FYIalbums
    • yes... but useful for projects like large e-commerce sites,etc....vaxorcist

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