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  • craigatkinson0

    New imac looks great but why no optical drive? New ipad looks great but the 'new ipad' is now defunct - nowhere to be seen. Ipad mini is just a small ipad - not sure I see the point without the ability to make calls.
    If they made an ipad mini with built in phone I'd have one in a flash though!

    • optical drive? really? get external for $40. end.ArmandoEstrada
    • yea just one more thing, one more wire...craigatkinson
    • they want to make it as small as possible. optical drive takes too much space. and not many people use em.pango
    • tiny ipad with phone, thats an iphone. stupid.newuser
    • buy an external drive, store it in your closet and watch as you never ever use it.zarkonite
    • Do you think they will finally make OS x more easily used in desktop PCs? Seems like a great option vs hackintoshing.dorkKn1ght

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