RIP Jimmy Savile

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    Yes, a good corpse-smash would make us all feel better. He's buried in concrete for a reason; he KNEW this would emerge (unlike the 'jewellery-in-the-coffin' line which if is true then he had delusions of being an Egyptian deity) . I think what needs to be uncovered now is the turning of the blind eye by the BBC, undoubtably there are countless former 'personalities' who were doing very similar things yet seeing themselves as untouchable. No pun etc.

    He raised a fortune for charities, in the tens of millions, and saw this as a get out of jail free card. He was knighted FFS.

    I completely agree, there was an unhealthy attachment to his dead mother- did you see the Louis Theroux show? 'She wouldn't even harm a fly' Brrr....

    But the cover-up is what needs to be sorted out now, I imagine there's an awful amount of hard-drives being thrown in the Thames by various characters as we speak.

    • Sorry, let it be known I think he was a total cunt. Forgot to include that.Eighty
    • Yeh, It's part of what made him untouchable, knowing he could pull the plug on so many important people. King Cunt.mikotondria3
    • 100% agreeebertzjaw

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